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Tomorrow I return to the naturopath where hopefully we will see the end of the detox diet. In fact, definitely we will see the end of the detox diet because if she says I have to keep doing it, I am putting my foot down and demanding some modifications.

I want to keep eating healthily, apart from a reasonable, sane level of treats. After all I still want to lose some weight etc. But the key to sustainable healthy on the whole eating, is variety. There’s a reason that very strict diets don’t work. And it’s mostly because without variety, you get bored, bored, bored and start to despise all the healthy stuff you’re eating and be consumed with an overwhelming desire to see how many Krispy Kremes (or insert sugary, fatty, snack of choice here) you can eat before you explode just because they, to quote lolcats, haz a flavour.

I’m nearing that point. I don’t want to turn myself off all the good stuff, so there has to be a relaxing of the rules before I go nuts and buy out Haighs. Two weeks with no caffeine, sugar, wheat, yeast, dairy, fruit, alcohol, anything fermented or potatoes is a long, long, long time. I have distracted myself with writing and work and lots of other things (aka lots of whining) but something’s gotta give.

Let’s hope I have good news to report tomorrow.

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