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Last week I bought new shoes. Apparently that’s what you do when you can’t eat anything interesting. All work shoes and I did shop at the outlet mall, so not extravagant. So I’ve been wearing new shoes all week and am pleased to report they’re all very comfy for new shoes. Except today I wore the heels.

Now I’m tall and have a dodgy knee which doesn’t really appreciate heels, so while I have in the past usually had a pair of two inch or so heels for work (three inches makes me six foot and my knee particularly cranky so I don’t usually bother with those) but for the last year or so, my highest pair has been a cute little one inch kitten heel. And apparently my calves know the difference. Even though the shoes were comfy, my calves are screaming already…I foresee some hot baths and stretching over the weekend. One teeny, tiny inch shouldn’t make that much difference. Maybe I’m getting old.

At least it’s an excuse to stay seating in my chair and work on my revision all weekend. Apart from lulus on Saturday. Where I will be eating salad while they all eat pancakes. I think that’s offically unfair!

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