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One side effect of this whole healthy eating/fixing things that I’m not really loving is that I keep waking up early. Like 6.30-6.45. Those who know me will know this is just not me. And it would be fine if both my brain and my body woke up because then I would be able to do something useful like write with the extra time. But noooo. This little night owl’s brain is not awake then, even if the eyes are open. Maybe if I had caffeine to kick it into gear but no caffeine for me (and I’d like it to stay that way apart from the odd tea or coke once I can have it again in the interests of health)

It’s not so bad on the week days. Because by the time I get up, eat breakfast so I can take my various pills and potions, read some blogs and the news online while I’m eating, feed the cats, shower and get dressed it’s time to go to work anyway.

On the weekends not so much. I wander around in a fog and nothing productive is done. So today I’m doing housework but by the time that’s done I’m thinking I’ll be ready for a nap (I’m awake but sleepy if that makes sense). So it will still be late morning before my brain is ready to write. Maybe writing in a half clean house will help…

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