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After various useful crits, a lulu meeting where I, for the most part, resisted eating anything too evil (and with added bonus appearance of the VT temporarily escaping her Tasmanian Reno Adventure) and many hours at the keyboard, I have a new and hopefully improved version of the first three chapters. Only eighteen more to go. Yeesh.

At least I have a better idea of something like a theme and some ideas for more stuff that’s needed. Always helpful.

Other things I’ve been doing this weekend:

1. Looking at the RWA workshop schedule and drooling. Last year I went easy on the workshops due to being jetlagged and nervous. This year, Keri and I are heading over earlier and I have no GH to be nervous about so I’m hoping to get to a few more. Picking which is always hard though. Too many good things. Thank god they sell the cds.

2. Finally admitting my overflowing bookshelf problem can’t wait for the “Mel can afford more bookshelves” solution. So I now have some well stuffed plastic tubs of books looking sad in my spare room. They’ll just have to keep looking sad until later this year. I need my money for SF. Hopefully the current fantastic exchange rate hold until July.

3. Re-reading Sunshine. You know you adore a book when you think “hey, I want to re-read Sunshine” then realise you’ve loaned it to someone and promptly borrow it from the library lol. I do love this book, even if reading about cinnamon rolls is kind of torturous at the moment (hopefully only four more days after today on the crazy diet!!). Robin McKinley is a writing goddess.

4. Trying to put pawpaw ointment on the Orange Cat’s nose after someone swiped him good. He just licks it off of course, then tells me he’s tough, he likes his scar and you should see the other guy (none of which I believe : ) ).

It does look kind of cute in an owie sort of way.

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