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Anyone else have clumsy times? I’m usually relatively unklutzy (apart from my unerring ability to cork my thigh on the pointy end of my bedframe at least once a fortnight) but in the last twenty four hours I’ve broken a bowl, a glass and two jars of spices (oh tiled kitchen floor, how I hate thee). As an added bonus, I managed to whack my head on the bench when I was straightening up from picking up the biggest bits of glass from the spice jars (trust me, chili powder spreads everywhere). Ow.

I can’t work out if I’m tired or just unco-ordinated. Maybe it’s hormonal or something. Or maybe I’m distracted by this new heroine who’s flashing in and out of my head giving just glimpses. A first line. A vague idea of what she is (and that’s not particularly good) and her world. Glimmers and shadows. The girls being contrary as usual as I have to finish my revision, fix the witch book with at least two or three passes and write my other burning UF idea before I can get to this chick. That’s without trying to get to any of the contemporary ideas. With so many voices in my head it’s no wonder I’m going bump in the night.

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