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1. The concept of a nailpolish called “I’m not really a waitress” makes her have hysterics for five minutes.
2. She can commentate the bird wars occurring in her vegie patch due to the bread she put out there.
3. She sends me text messages asking if I can eat such and such weird food she’s found in her health food store while I’m on this crazy diet.
4. She once beat up a boy who was picking on her Sunday School class at a Sunday School picnic (have I mentioned she’s tiny?)
5. She talks back to the cryptic crossword (and hey, she can DO cryptic crosswords).
6. The only books she ever objected to me reading were Interview with a Vampire and Lord Foul’s Bane, both because she thought I was too young at the time. So she’s probably got herself to blame for me writing urban fantasy lol (plus, I read them anyway). Otherwise she kept my book habit pretty well supplied while I was growing up.

Plus she looks pretty good for a sixty-cough cough cough year old : )

Happy Mother’s Day, Mum (and all the other Mum’s out there)!

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