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It’s been a busy week. I’m off to Germany tomorrow for a flying work trip, so have been running around doing the usual pre-overseas trip stuff…buying currency, decanting things into less than 100ml bottles for the plane…making lists…doing laundry…trying to learn some basic german phrases (I did French in school). Add a haircut, dinner with the folks on Friday night and an all day Michael Hauge seminar yesterday (which at least counts as the writing work for the last few days) and it’s been go, go, go.

Today I just have to pack. I’m trying to pack light which is not my strong point. We’ll see how it goes.

Michael Hauge was great. I’ve heard him on some of the RWA conference tapes before but a full day was just brilliant. Particularly when I’m contemplating two wips that need revising and some restructuring. At least I’ll have time on the plane to think about it!

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