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Well, Guten tag to my aussie readers and guten whatever is appropriate to anyone else not in Germany.

Where I finally am after a trip that turned into the usual Mel travelling comedy of errors. My connecting flight from Singapore to Frankfurt was cancelled, so the airline put us up in a gorgeous hotel for the night. The Mandarin Oriental. Which is possibly the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed at. Beautiful building and wonderful staff. Our flight finally left Singapore around 4pm Singapore time (6pm Aussie) yesterday (Tuesday) and got to Frankfurt at 11.10pm Frankfurt time (er, 7.10 am Wednesday Aussie). So I got to the hotel just after midnight after a very speedy drive on the autobahn (nothing like speeding in the dark in a mercedes taxi at 150kph to wake you up a bit). Sadly I didn’t get to see much as it was dark, obviously.

Got to my room only to discover that my case was wet (and no, nothing of mine had leaked) so yay airline. Most of my clothes were quite damp but at least they’ve mostly dried overnight. Not what you need at the end of a 42-43 hour journey though.

At least with the stopover I’m not too tired, though only slept about five hours last night, plus four on the flight. The hotel here is an old castle apparently, and the suburb is one of the wealthiest areas of Frankfurt. It looks kind of like the sound of music, I’m up on a hill looking down to trees and gorgeous buildings and Frankfurt in the distance. Am going to go out exploring the grounds a bit more later. There will be photos but they’ll have to wait until I’m home.

More as there is more to report, the conference starts this afternoon so it’s going to be busy.

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