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So. Mamma Mia. Was FANTASTIC!

I’ll admit, I’m an Abba fan. They were huge here in the seventies when I was a kid and my parents kind of imprinted the music on me and I’ve always liked them since. I saw Mamma Mia in the theatres twice but must admit, when I first heard they were making a movie version with Meryl, I kind of went hmmmm.

But it was wonderful. Yes, it’s silly and over the top and Pierce Brosnan, god love him, cannot really sing a note, but it all works. I can’t remember the last time I cried with laughter in a movie. Or heard an audience applaud at the end.

And Meryl can sing. Her version of The Winner Takes It All was heartwrenching. Colin Firth, can sing only a little bit better than Pierce (Stellan Skarsgaard is Pierce level) but managed to throw himself into it and pull off his usual slight stuffy Englishman out of his depth with an air of ‘screw it I look like an idiot but I love it’ that made him even more adorable than ever.

So if you want a movie that will make you purely happy at the end (just don’t wear mascara), I recommend this one. I’ll be seeing it again. And the first person who starts doing Sing-along Mamma Mia showings might just make a fortune!

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