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Also, I leave for SF Saturday morning, so I’m sitting here working out what I have to do today and tomorrow with plenty of time for naps, writing and, finally, Mamma Mia again. I’ve done most of my travel running around already, so it’s just packing (light in order to take advantage of the current fantabulous exchange rate when I get there), doing laundry so I can pack, a few other errand-y bits and pieces and making my house look respectable.

I’m hoping to get some writing done but I’m also a bit nervous because the story is currently a very bright shiny thing in my head and I keep smiling and losing my thoughts as I get flashes of it at odd moments. My hero makes me laugh and I haven’t written a word of him yet. And the world is kind of intriguing to go with my intriguing heroine. Lots of crunch, to quote Jenny Crusie. Which all makes me a bit nervous that when the words go onto paper it won’t be the bright shiny thing any more. In fact I know it won’t be. No book ever is. But hopefully it will turn into a different shiny thing that will be just as good.

And now, off to work on that list.

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