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The very last day (sob sob). I started by doing the BART thing back out to Oakland to see my friend again (more mutual trying to persuade each other to move or, at least, vacation more often). Had a fabulous breakfast at the Blackberry Bistro, so if you’re in Oakland check it out. Then we moseyed over to Berkley and sat up on the hill at the Berkley Rose Garden (in a fit of nostalgia from my last visit) and yakked away. After that I came back into the city for an afternoon of wandering around, hunting through various Borders trying to find Deanna Raybourn’s Silent in the Grave with no success (though I did score Patricia Brigg’s Cry Wolf). I also saw Wall-E which was way cute. Robot love and adventure..what more do you need?

Now I’m sitting in the lounge at SFO, having watched a very pretty foggy sunset over the hills. Boarding starts in just under an hour and then it’s movies and trying to sleep and all that jazz until I make it home. I must say I like SFO much better than LAX. No hour plus queues to get through security for a start!

All in all I’ve had a fabulous time and really wish I was much richer so I could afford more jaunts here and to Chicago and New York and other cool places my US buds hang out. Conference always feels way too short. I’m glad I still have RWAustralia’s to look forward to.

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