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I have pre-conference brain. I keep thinking of errands I need to do, packing lists, planning and I’m not even leaving Melbourne….tomorrow is full of actual pre-conference stuff – committee meetings, costume tours, the fabulous Bron Parry’s book launch and then the actual conference starts Friday (three days at the Langham, home of fluffy, fluffy pillows, yay). Plus I started reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss yesterday and am finding it hard to put down.

But I need to get mostly organised between now and tomorrow morning, including figuring out a pitch…so I need to put the book away. And I’d like to do a little bit of writing of the new wip even if I’m not sure much actual putting words on pages is going to occur. We’ll see.

Post conference, I’m going to re-implement the metric reporting to see if that inspires me to kick this draft back into gear…though there is an upcoming trip to Tassie to deal with too.

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