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Melbourne has not turned on the greatest weather for our conference weekend. It’s cold. And WET. Wet is good but not for sightseeing. But oh well, raincoats and brollys and gumboots for all. My new waterproof hiking boots are looking like a good purchase!

Have pretty much finished all my pre-conference stuff and my case is packed. Today we had a tour of The Costume Place which was great. Beautiful, beautiful clothes…a mix of history and torture (particularly for Chris who is a fabulous sewer/dressmaker/crafty person and wanted to see how it was all done). And the VT may have drooled on the odd book or two. I’ll post some pics when I’m more organised.

And tonight was Bron’s book launch which was fun and exciting and heaps of people came, so big WOOT for the lovely and talented Bron and may her book baby (and those that follow) find many fans and have many profitable adventures around the world.

More from conference if and when I get back to the internets, now it’s time for a little relaxation after several days of much running around.

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