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Okay so I am heading off to Tassie for the next few days but it’s time to start kicking this wip along anyway. Ideally I’d love to have a first draft done by late October. Given I’m at 40 pages and the draft is likely to be somewhere between 320-360 if the last few books are anything to go by, I’ve got some work to do. So it’s back to the good old metric system to keep the virgo brain happy. I’m taking a notebook to Tassie and want to try and write at least a little each day. This WIP doesn’t have a name or a good catchy nickname so for the moment, you get the heroine’s name.

Progress – Lily

New pages – Twelve
Intriguing things – Addictions
Annoyances – Being stuck on two paragraphs for a day then realising (yet again) that I could just jump forward and come back. *headdesk*
Music – Soundtrack at the desk
Linear/Non-linear – Linear after one small forward jump to get unstuck
Location – Desk, Word, Think.
Taking care of Mel – Vacation (calories don’t count on vacation right?) Chiro.
Muse food – New books and prospective trips

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