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Something’s wrong with the world when you get home from Hobart and it’s colder in Melbourne! Tassie managed to bust out four days of pretty darn good weather for late winter. Sunshine, a semblance of warmth and no arctic breezes. Which meant we had some lovely days of sightseeing and puttering around under the guidance of our GPS (promptly christened Madge due to her slightly authoritarian tone). Madge had some weird issue with the speed limit on the Tasman Bridge (insisting I should be going 4kph or something) but otherwise delivered us safely to our desired destinations even if she sounded cranky when we detoured from her desired route. So thumbs up to Garmin GPS units.

Anyway, some pics of the adventures (which included thwarted attempts to sample scallop pies, a gin rummy extravaganza and tasmanian pepperberry liqueur amongst other highlights).


Pirate Bay

Tassie devils with excited red ears (food incoming)

Port Arthur

And this which caught my eye at Narynna, a great heritage house in Hobart.


Funny that this year I’ve had two of my first non-writing related trips in ages and they were both to Tassie. But this time I didn’t have a wedding with all the associated wedding stuff to go to and could just really be a tourist for awhile. Nice. Must do more often. The girls are happy and hopefully ready to work next week.

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