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Blistering Dvorak speed for today: 18 wpm

Which is still pretty slow but I no longer feel like I’ve completely lost my ability to type. I’m typing this in Dvorak and it is bearable. And it’s a 30% improvement from yesterday.

I even typed some of my wip today. Given the girls are dragging their feet and not particularly wanting to play this week it felt like my brain and fingers were roughly in sync : ) .

At the moment I’m faster copy typing than drafting which I guess might be because copy typing gives the brain a chance to get a little ahead and break down the words into letters rather than having to think what you want to type and how to spell it at the same time (I’m a pretty good speller so rarely have to consciously think about that in qwerty). I’m going to keep trying to do emails and other non book stuff in dv and draft mainly in qwerty until I can get the dv speed closer to something like 35 – 40 wpm then swap to drafting in qwerty (typing qwerty in dv is weird!).

Book progress report later.

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