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This evening the girls decided that they might consent to send up a little info if I wrote longhand. And, more specifically, long hand on blue paper with black ink. Or, white paper with something turquoisey. Preferably a fountain pen. I don’t even OWN a fountain pen. My favourite writing pens when the girls demand longhand are either the good old Bic Velocity if I’m in a ballpoint mood or the Uniball Signo Fine Blue if I want gel ink. I’ve only ever had one fountain pen which was a gift and never really worked well, so I gave up on it. But I duly googled cheap fountain pens and found that there are a few brands of disposable ones if you don’t want to shell out too much.

I came across the Pilot Varsity, which in the states (once again, this is a grrr, why do I live in Australia moment) comes in blue, black, purple, pink and a gorgeous looking turquoise. The Australian equivalent (which seems to be mostly available online anyway) comes in boring blue, black and red. Le sigh. Officeworks yielded one black Pentel disposable which is okay, but it has a plastic nib, so not great. So I gave in and bought myself a Lamy Safari (Blue, of course) with some aqua-ish ink as a birthday present which is nice but I’m still lusting after the Varsity’s…given that they’d let me change ink colours at less expense than acquiring more Lamy’s (which are almost twice as much here as in the US, so double grrrr). So now I’m googling to find who does international shipping. On cheap pens. The girls must be crazy.

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