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Good stuff:

Crockpot roast chicken (yum).

Daylight savings meaning it is lighter in the evenings.

Reading Old Man’s War by John Scalzi.

My new camera. Look – pretty pictures (even one of grey cat who is notoriously hard to photograph due to being a wriggly beast and also camera shy – having a 12X zoom means I can stay far enough away that she doesn’t realise I am doing the evil photo thing).

Bad stuff:

Getting up one hour earlier because of daylight savings.

Melbourne spring schizophrenic weather that means it was 24 on Sunday but tonight I’ve got the heater blasting and a blanket round my lap while I type.

Revisions that feel like a battle for every letter.

Paused stuff:

The new wip while I sort this darn revision.

Dvorak experiment due to actually not much typing going on either at work (lots of training and meetings and stuff not involving keyboards) at home (much pondering and reworking that is slow enough without having to think each letter). But it will be resumed!

Stuff I must do right now:

More revising.

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