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I have been taking my baby steps back into exercise. Walked on the weekend on both days. Went back to pilates on Monday (which was an exercise in ‘ow I used to be able to do this much more easily’). Have been eating healthily and stocked up the fridge with good things.

Which of course means it is the perfect time for my fridge to stage a dying swan act. It’s was a bit warm a few weeks back so I turned the temp up a little. But then it decided to turn itself into the antarctic and freeze half it’s contents. The temp dial wasn’t much interested in turning back to regular fridge temps either. So I’d decided it was time for the fridge doctor. Then my safety switch started tripping. By a process of elimination and brilliant deduction we figured it was the fridge. But I was hoping I could nurse it along until Friday when the fridge doctor was coming. Tonight I got home and the safety switch had gone again (though not long before I’d gotten home given everything still seemed quite cold in the fridge). I re-set the switch. It tripped about four times in the next fifteen minutes. At which point I admitted defeat and unplugged the fridge. I prefer for my house not to burn down and for me not to be electrocuted. Call me crazy. So of course, I’ve just had to throw out everything perishable in my fridge. Gah.

So the fridge gets this because it’s only eight years old which is too young to be throwing tantrums:

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Hopefully the fridge doctor will be able to fix whatever is wrong on Friday. A new fridge isn’t exactly what I was hoping to buy this month! At least if it was iced up inside like he thought, it should’ve all melted by then….

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