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Last election related post, I promise. But I’ve been reading about the reactions of various people I know and a lot of them seem to be having the “I can’t quite believe it’s real” kind.

I’ll freely admit that I am a West Wing geek (which makes no sense given my aforementioned lack of political interest, much like my love of the UK’s Top Gear and desire to maybe marry a hybrid man made up of Jeremy, Richard and James, makes no sense given my lack of interest in cars) and most of what I know about the American political system is courtesy of WW and Aaron Sorkin and I’ve often said my favourite US president would have to be Jed Bartlett. And the feeling I can’t quite shake is that if somehow Aaron Sorkin was writing life for the last two years, this is the campaign and winner he would’ve written. And you know, I’m good with that.

Furthermore, there are some pretty uncanny similarities between Season 7 of WW and this election. For those of you who aren’t WW fans, Season 7 was the last season and dealt with both Jed’s last year in office at the end of his second term (hence requiring a new democratic candidate) and the campaign for the new president. The candidates were an experienced respected republican senator in his seventies (with a right wing conservative VP candidate) and a young underdog, relatively inexperienced, so not the front runner in his own party, latino-American, democrat with an older white male VP candidate). A close campaign, one with some twists (including a national disaster (not a financial crisis but you know) that may have turned the tide in the end of the campaign….it’s a little bit spooky, even down to the incoming president having some pretty big issues to deal with. And much like I was happy at the end of WW that Matt Santos could deal, I’ve got the same feeling about Barack Obama.

And now we shall return to our regular writing, crazy cat and other randomness posting schedule!

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