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Apparently the smell of crockpot lasagne makes me feel bloggy.

I do my bit to be green but lately have been trying to work out ways to be even greener. I’ve had green power for a while, use low flow showers heads etc and all my lightbulbs are the energy efficient ones (and honestly, yes, they’re more expensive but I swapped over to energy efficient bulbs at least four years ago and I think in that time I’ve changed two light bulbs…and hey, stock up when K-Mart or somewhere has one of their 35% off everything sales).

The dayjob has recently gone carbon neutral and has been running some green initiatives and I’ve been finding other good green ideas.

I drink a lot of water and used to buy bottled water and refill from the work coolers. But really bottled water isn’t very environmentally friendly when you think about the transport costs and the bottles aren’t designed to be re-used (apparently the plastic leaches some nasties if you’re not careful) so I’ve bought a couple of SIGG water bottles. They’re light, they’re aluminium and guaranteed to be inert (one advantage of which is that they’re don’t make your water taste like plastic like lots of plastic drink bottles do). Sure, they’re a little pricey but I figure I’ll make my money back on bottled water not bought in a couple of months. They come in lots of cool designs, don’t leak and are available in lots of countries.

Something else I’ve been looking into is shopping bag alternatives. I have some of the ubiquitous green bags you buy at the supermarkets but they’re big and bulky and not easy to stick in a handbag and to be honest, I often forget they’re in the car because they’re not in sight. So I looked for alternatives and found estring bags – old fashioned cotton string bags in cute colours and onya bags which are made of parachute silk, come in cute teeny packs with carabiner clips so you can clip them to your keys or handbag or whatever and, even better, they have these which give you a replacement for the plastic bags you put fruit and vegies in so it can be weighed (I re-use other plastic bags but never really figured out a way to re-use those fruit bags).

The other thing I’m trying to figure out is composting with a little garden and not much space. I’m thinking about one of these Bokashi buckets but am still trying to figure out how it would work. I’ll keep you posted…

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