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I swear I got to 4ish today and my brain just went “that’s it, all done, game over”. Came home, had a nap, ate dinner, showered. Still tired. One of those days where I wish I was still drinking diet coke. But still made myself sit down and wriggle the fingers (despite the temptation of Hugh on Oprah – thank God for VCR) and now I can zonk out on the couch with a clear conscience. I’d like to get past three hundred this weekend and it’s lulus and possibly Bond, James Bond (mmm, Daniel Craig) on Saturday, so need to crack on tomorrow and Sunday.

Progress – Wolf 2 revision

New/Revised pages – Revised 17.
Intriguing things – I like this bit
Annoyances – Soooo tired.
Music – Original recipe soundtrack.
Linear/Non-linear – Linear
Location – The desk. Word and Think.
Taking care of Mel – A very mild walk at lunch in the rain to try and clear the head.
Muse food – I think that will be the forthcoming early night. Or maybe the last tidbits of Hugh.

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