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Another weekend zooms past and yay, I have broken the 300 page barrier. I’d really like to get this done this week but the final hundred pages are probably horribly talking headish and in need of much tweaking. Still, I can give it a red-hot go.

Progress – Wolf 2 revision

New/Revised pages – Revised 49.
Intriguing things – Hitting the next bit that needs re-writes and heavy tweaking.
Annoyances – Brain somewhat unco-operative today.
Music – Soundtrack for session one. The sweet strains of the dryer (seriously, I should not have to use the dryer in November) for the second.
Linear/Non-linear – Linear
Location – The desk. Word and think.
Taking care of Mel – Elliptical, sleeping in
Muse food – Daniel last night. Supernatural.

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