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Back to nice late spring warmth and sunshine today. Of course, sudden weather changes make me sleepy. Whoops. Not my greatest ever effort tonight but at least I did something.

Progress – Wolf 2 revision

New/Revised pages – Revised 15. Some of that might need reworking once I make up my mind whether or not I want to put a particular thing in or not. That decision apparently too much for sleepy brain.
Intriguing things – You know it’s cool when you’re layering stuff through and suddenly you can pull a thread through to a scene and it harks back to stuff you didn’t even know you foreshadowed and sets up stuff for the next book. The girls, they haz the kewl.
Annoyances – Sleepiness. No-one to do my dishes.
Music – Have switched to the final act soundtrack which is a condensed selection of the full thing.
Linear/Non-linear – Linear
Location – The desk. Word and think.
Taking care of Mel – Meditation
Muse food – Coming up the second half of Good News Week from last night. But first, dishes. Not sure dishes is exactly Muse food but waking up to shiny clean sink is better than the alternative.

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