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I’ve been playing with my new toy today. A very cute little blue Acer Aspire One netbook, mostly thanks to Keri who found a great online deal for the baby Linux version.

It’s very cool and the keyboard is great. I tried the smallest Asus eee but the keyboard is too small for my long fingers, but this is just right. Plus I now have a use for my very geeky Battlestar Galactica mini mouse that I got free with one of the sets of DVDs lol.

I love my Alphie but you can’t edit on an alphie and a big laptop is painful to lug around, so this is the perfect compromise for times when I’m not just first drafting or am travelling. I don’t need a netbook with lots of bells and whistles and a massive HD, it’s not my main computer and I have a work laptop if I need to travel with something with bells and whistles and storage. And one day I’ll have a mac laptop. I just wanted something light that will get online if I’m overseas and can’t use the iPhone for surfing and email and has good word processing and will store my writing files. This does all that in a neat package about the weight of the alphie and just slightly bigger than a trade paperback. It even has games though I’m trying to avoid those…I’ve already succumbed to a few iPhone games which can prove a nice little time suck if you’re not careful.

Now I just need some sort of sleeve for it and I’m all set.

So what did everyone else order from Santa (or Mr Visa as the case may be)?

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