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So I think my list of things to indulge in boils down to more of a “remember to do the things that keep you and the girls happy and relaxed, dummy”. So here, forthwith is my list of things to try in 2009 when I need ideas for how to do just that:

1. Story (good story at that) in pretty much any format
2. Music (more live would be good, there’s something about crowd energy that is muse food too)
3. Naps
4. Meditation
5. Massages
6. Nice smells
7. Pretty colours
8. Trying a new recipe
9. Stretching/yoga/pilates
10. Water
11. Moving the body generally
12. Girly things (the make-up, the girl-friends, the mani/pedi, the facial, the shopping, all that good stuff)
13. Margaritas or nice bubbles
14. Quilting/cross stitch
15. Pottering in the garden (potential itching aside)
16. Kitty cuddles
17. Trips
18. Salt lamps
19. Eating out
20. When all else fails, Mamma Mia karaoke will do the trick!

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