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Every year the human gets the day off work for my birthday. She reckons it’s called “Australia Day” but I know it’s International Day of Orange Cat Glory and must be celebrated appropriately.

Firstly I woke up nice and early and woke the human up with a special birthday yowl I’d been practicing. It worked. She got up and gave me breakfast then seemed to go back to sleep. Probably conserving her strength for later celebrations. Not to worry, I just knocked over one of her cushions and slept on that. Then I moved to a patch of sunlight (especially arranged for my birthday I’m sure).

Once the human got up I demonstrated my birthday yowl a few more times. She seemed very impressed. Not sure why she told me to go outside except it was probably to let the neighbours also experience my special yowl.

I also investigated my favourite dirt pile so I could maintain my chic orange with dirt splotches birthday outfit. It’s stylish, I don’t care what that fluffy grey thing thinks.

After all that, was quite tired so had afternoon birthday nap on my couch. The human did something weird where she gets into all these strange positions on a mat thingy. She thinks she’s being a cat but she’s just not bendy enough. I keep offering to demonstrate but she mutters at me when I sit on her while she’s doing bendy things and then she closes the door to the room. Unfriendly. I told her so with a yowl. I’m sure she paid attention.

After the couch nap, I had to go out and try out the nice warm concrete. Napped again. Apparently my concrete is going to be extra warm for the next few days in celebration of my birthday, so yay.

Now I’m waiting for the human to sit on the couch so I can sit on her and possibly try to give her my special nose nibble of niceness. And maybe a few more birthday yowls. Then, I’m sure there will be cake. Hopefully meat flavoured. Take note if you were thinking of sending a gift.

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