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Not much to say about this week except it has been hot like well, a very hot thing. Four days of 40, 43, 44, 46 (something like 100, 110, 110, 112) with hot nights. Melbourne’s train system and now the power system has gone into meltdown (we’re on rolling blackouts today) and all in all it makes for a lot of grumpy people whose brains could not compose coherent blogs if you paid them.

There was a mini cool change this arvo where the temp dropped back to 33 but hasn’t gotten much cooler than that so houses etc aren’t getting much of a chance to cool down. Boo. We need some rain and some coolness.

I’ve been keeping up with the exercise despite the heat (thank goodness for air con in the vicinity of my elliptical) but not achieving much writing wise. I get weird random snippets and flashes in my head of various books but not much of that is translating to the page. And I have one opening scene that’s driving me nuts because it’s boring me and I can’t figure out how to fix it. I did write a short story the other day. I think the last time I wrote a short story would’ve been high school so go figure. But at least it was words…

I did meet my goal of adding Cardio Coach Volume 2 to the exercise mix this month, I’ve done it in full a few times now (he’s tough, that Cardio Coach). So starting Sunday I have to work on adding Volume 3. Though actually, I’ve done a short version of 3 a couple of times (skipping the middle challenge) when I was in the mood for something sprinty. It’s hard work as a short one, so it’ll be interesting to do the full length version!

Also for February there will be sorting out how to work and write and exercise. I’ve done it before so I’m sure my brain will kick back in eventually. I figure whatever the girls are mulling over has to be good if it’s taking them that long!

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