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So last week I said I was going to make some library bags for Beyond Pink and Blue’s Rainbow Comfort Pack drive for kids who are victims of the bushfires.

So last weekend I bought fabric and today I made my first bag:

I followed Nicole’s pattern idea. This is teen sized…I cut out rectangles 52 by 40 (yay for patterns with straight lines that you can cut with a rotary cutter – speedy). It took me about half an hour to measure up and cut pieces for two bags and probably an hour to sew (maybe a bit longer as I figured out the compartment pocket at the front and the mobile phone/cash and card/key sized patch pocket inside) and the second one will be faster as I’ve already done some of the prework on the pockets and know what I’m doing now.

I’m going to make another one in this fabric (I liked the grey and blue camo, I figured it would appeal to boys or girls who don’t like pink or girly stuff), same size and I’ve bought another fabric to make two more girly ones. I think I’ll make those slightly shorter and thinner so they come out a little smaller for girls, so I’ll probably cut them 48 by 38. I’ll post a pic of those when we’re done.

It was dead easy, all you need to know how to do is sew straight stitch and zig zag.

I bought a metre of each fabric and there’ll be a bit left over…I’m rapidly developing a fabric stash. Yikes. I see more plastic storage tubs in my future.

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