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I don’t know about other writers but the girls like to send up odd story snippets and lines of dialogue and bits and pieces at weird moments. The shower apparently works for them, probably because there is no way of writing down what they’re saying. This morning was apparently time for a random waltz through a number of wips. Here’s a selection.

WIP 1: I think Lizzie should press her to take on an apprentice for the tech stuff. A younger guy. A gamer. Brings back all the bad stuff but she needs him while she’s stuck.

WIP 2: Perhaps the auction house would be a good short story on its own. Also you’ve gotta mention she’s using the Earth Tree at the castle. Me: What’s an Earth Tree. Oh. Right.

WIP 3: The princess goes a bit mad. Maybe a lot mad. Bad princess.

WIP 4: Son of a god.

WIP 5: Orange VW. At the garage. “My mom bought a pumpkin for a car.”

Back to WIP 1: Also, they suggest therapy. And tell her you can do it virtually now. “That’s just weird enough to be true.”

WIP 6: She’s in the car with the killer. Put her in hotpants. She’d hate hotpants.

At least it’s rarely boring in my head.

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