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Yikes, time is speeding by and I have been awol from the blog. Everything is busy busy with a project at work and I also had to watch Series 4 of Battlestar Galactica, one of my favourite shows. One which Australian TV has, as usual, treated pretty shabbily in terms of programming. But anyway, I have been gulping it down in big watching binges and watched the last episode today. It made me cry which not many TV shows do. Though there was one plot thread that I didn’t like the resolution to (not saying which due to spoilerness for Aussies who quite possibly haven’t seen it yet). The rest was pretty good. And now I am sad that its over. Thank goodness for DVDs.

In other news, I’m slowly getting over my bug which has made the second half of March a bit of a write-off in exercise and socialising terms. I did my Nia class last night and have a three week intensive workshop tomorrow so hopefully that will get me back on the wagon. I’ll have to work my way back up to Cardio Coach Volume 4 I think but I’ll get there. Apart from that the weekend holds writing, napping and maybe a bit more sewing.

Which isn’t that interesting, so instead I shall tell you Keri’s exciting news…her book is debuting at #6 on the NYT list next week, so let there’s be champagne and rejoicing. Go read about it at the Deadline Dames.

To finish, somehow I forgot to blog the bag I made last weekend, so here it is:

This is the Large Tote and Satchel pattern from Nicole Mallalieu which was easy to make and looks really good (in fact, my mum has already asked for one lol). I wanted to use the cute elephant fabric but thought it would be a bit much for a bag exterior. Luckily it went beautifully with some nice aqua duck cloth (it is aqua even though it looks pale blue in the photos). This was my first bag with a hard base (medium fast 2fuse and Vilene S520 in this case), my first use of fusible wadding (flap and strap) and my first attempt at o-ring straps too, so I’m pretty happy with the way it’s turned out. Though I think I need to practice top stitching straps some more. Might be time for the good old post it note seam guide trick.

This weekend I’m going to hopefully put the border on my big bright quilt (my blue and cream one is off at the quilting place) and make a coin purse to match my Frenchy bag. Then we’ll see what takes my fancy for the next project.

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