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Pink rocked the house last night. I’ve seen her before and would see her again. In fact I’d pay a lot to see her in a smaller setting doing more acoustic/bluesy stuff because she really does have a blow the roof off voice.

She’s very popular here in Australia and I think it’s because she’s got that “let’s not get too serious about ourselves”, self deprecating irreverent sense of humour that Aussies like. Personally I like her because she’s talented, she’s fearless, she’s sexy and she does things whatever the hell way she wants to do them.

Once again she did some jawdropping aerial acrobatics during the concert (and sang beautifully while upside down or spinning around and no, she wasn’t miming).

She always reminds me to just go for it.

In other news, Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book won an Audie for Audiobook of the Year, so woot! to Neil. I’ve heard him read at a signing, I have the audiobook and have watched the free videos of him reading online and I can only say well deserved. He has a lovely voice, he reads well and from what I’ve seen is a model of how to do “best selling author” with grace and charm at signings. Plus he has beautiful old cats. Hopefully I’ll get to do signings one day and hopefully I can channel him.

And in also other news, I present my first very wonky granny square lol. Though actually I added another round after this one. I’m actually learning to crochet to try amigurumi like my vampire which I think are mostly single crochet but it can’t hurt to learn a classic. You never know when you might get the urge to make an afghan after all. And it’s shaping up to be a cold winter here.

And now, given I’m kind of tired after the late night (though the cold seems to have retreated a little again), it’s back to the couch for another relaxing day of tv, naps, crochet and knitting (I am my grandmother when sick apparently : ) ). Maybe the girls will kick up some story stuff if I wake up a bit more, they seemed quite taken with Pink’s creepy carnival/fun house stage set. Then there’s the first of the four last (why oh why oh why, sob sob sob) David Tennant Doctor Who’s on tonight.

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