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My four day weekend zoomed by. Here are the highlights.

Torchwood, Children of Earth. Loved it but RTD you are a mean, mean man. Please let there be a S4, just so I can see how you get out of the mess you left ’em in. But very good if somewhat disturbing stuff.

To see said Torchwood marathon, I went to visit Keri up in the country. As I didn’t have my iPhone, I figured I’d be good and print out the directions from google maps (I’ve been there before but couldn’t remember the turn-off). And can I just say Google Maps, you are a big fat liar liar pants on fire lying mclying thing. The street you said to turn-off in to get to Keri’s street DOES NOT EXIST!!!

You made up a whole street. And given I did not have my own phone and therefore no nubmers and Keri’s town is off the street directory maps, things could’ve gotten ugly. Luckily Keri’s town has an info map with the streets laid out. The CORRECT streets (see how that works, Google?). Though there are two streets with the same name, which is somewhat confusing. At least I got there and only missed five minutes or so of ep one. I think Keri was about to send out a search party as the weather was awful.

Apart from travelling adventures, I finished a sewing project, wrote some, outlined (ugh) some and did nothing else of interest. This weekend I’m off to a wool and sheep show (with bonus alpacas…I intend to pat an alpaca if possible)…now that my iPhone has been restored to me, I’m hopeful of getting there without relying google maps. Though there could be a flaw in that plan seeing as my iPhone uses google maps. hmmm, perhaps i need a vicroads directory.

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