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I appear to have slept in after staying up a leetle too late reading An Echo in the Bone (the new Diana Gabaldon). Which I thoroughly enjoyed even if it does have ye big old cliffhanger ending and it will be too long until the next book.

Yesterday I also bought the new Pratchett (a phrase to warm the heart…new Pratchett…) Unseen Academicals and dipped into it but wanted to finish Claire and Jamie first.

Writing has been very slow this week as I try to figure out a plot issue. Namely realising that I had something happening too soon when the hero probably wouldn’t trust the heroine enough for it to happen. But I think I have figured out an alternative which will not require much retweaking of what I’ve already written. So the goal for today is to get some of that written and see. Ideally about 2000 k of it. Which means I must resist Pratchett until later and the phrase “resistance is futile” pretty much describes me and new books by my fave authors so I’m turning to public confession to keep me on the straight and narrow.

In other news, I am somewhat late to the party on this but Big Bang Theory = full of the awesome sauce.

More later.

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