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My neck hurts, my shoulder hurts (and how the heck do you hurt your left shoulder as a righty anyway), it’s cold. Whine whine whine. Call me Oscar.

But at least pages have been achieved.

Progress – Lily

New pages Five
Intriguing things – Mean Fae
Annoyances – Plot gone all meandering. And characters trying to talk with Scottish speech patterns because I’ve been listening to Outlander on audiobook LOL
Linear/non-linear – Linear
Music – Soundtrack.
Location – At work at lunch, Word and Think at desk after work.
Taking care of Mel – Took drugs for sore neck and shoulder. Am about to apply a dose of Glee.
Muse food – Glee. Then who knows.

To cheer everyone up, let’s see if I can post that hero pic now…

There, that’s better *g*

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