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Yay, it is the end of the day job week and a lovely lovely five day weekend looms (which, naturally, means I woke up with scratchy throat this morning but I shall take drugs and ignore that…too much to do!).

Have obtained new prescription sunnies (after optomoterist frakked up the prescription on the first attempt), hallelujah. Have sewn and written post work so now I get to sack out on the couch with glee (and Glee).

Progress – Lily

New pages Five (and hmmh, six yesterday I think)
Intriguing things – And lo, there is really really nearly sex in this book. Or at least half a sex scene and then the aftermath written. Will ahve to jump back for the rest of the um, beforemath *g* another day after I’ve worked out how I want it to go.
Annoyances – Sore throat
Linear/non-linear – Non-linear
Music – Soundtrack.
Location – Write or Die and Think. I may yet write odes to Write or Die
Taking care of Mel – Stretching, physio exercises.
Muse food – Sewing, library and now, Glee.

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