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Well, I’ve gotten through four chapters of revision this weekend. Detailed layering and re-writing revision. Plus lots of language tweaking seeing this is not a modern time setting. Slow work, so I’m happy with four chapters. Each chapter has grown though not yet enough to compensate from the sudden loss of page count when I discovered the formatting had borked and I only had 24 lines per page. Sadness.

Still, there are definitely whole new scenes to be added and I’ve been adding four or five pages a scene just in the layering and tweaking, so the final page count will be at least 400. All good and on track to send off to the lovely Miriam next month.

Sadly today’s rain put paid to my plan for more gardening though niggly shoulder is probably grateful for that fact given it’s decided to suddenly return to the realms of niggliness after a couple of weeks of seeming to progress on the mending front.

Nothing else of note to report. If you want to hear about the Sashiko class go the crafty blog. Tonight it’s the excitement of dinner, dishes and then some telly before back to the day job tomorrow. Could’ve done with the four day weekend this weekend but I’ll just have to wait until next week for that one.

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