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Let there be rejoicing for the endless revision is done and duly sent to my agent and crit buddies for comments. After which there’ll undoubtedly be another pass but let’s not talk about that right now.

Right now there is only the righteous joy of done-ness and a distinct urge to sleep for a day or so.

Final page count: 426 (making it officially my longest book ever by one measly page) and just under 90 pages added in the revision (I am coming to accept my write-short, grow in revision process but the volume of growth still startles me…when I wrote shorter stuff, 90 pages was a third of the book!)

I am now declaring a few writing free days and then I shall play with something new…possibly the crazy cinderella story but who knows?

Now all I need to be able to figure out why twitter doesn’t like this blog’s feed and complete happiness would be mine *g*

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