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Continuing on…so what do I want to focus on in 2010?

1. Writing. In which my goals are to write two books, to play around with some shorter form stuff to see if I can write short stories or novellas (given the novels seem to keep getting longer and longer) and keep the biz side from interfering with the writing.

2. To get healthier. This means sorting out the sore shoulder and before, during and after that process, doing what exercise I can. Before, I think that means doing my elliptical, my Nia tapes with modified arms and some pilates at home and taking the pills and icing it afterwards. During and after is to be determined based on the diagnosis. It also means eating healthier which is mainly a matter of planning and organisation.

3. Feed the well. Keep doing what I have been doing with the craft and other stuff.

4. Get organised. 2009 has felt like a year of routines slipping away and stuff not quite getting done at times. I’m a Virgo, I like lists and notes and checking stuff off to-do lists. But I don’t have a good system right now for keeping it all organised. I have notes in my iCal, to-dos and goals in various notebooks and stuff in my head that gets remembered at random moments when the brain decides to cough up. I need something to co-ordinate it all and given that I seem to be increasingly outsourcing brain space to my iPhone and computer, I’m looking at technology tools.

I’ve started using Tumblr to capture images etc that take my fancy but that’s more a muse thing (the electronic equivalent of my old habit of ripping pictures out of magazines). I’ve just got an Evernote account with a view to using it to capture all the stuff I currently capture in bookmarks and jotted notes and, once I get a scanner, backing up my writing notebooks electronically.

I do have a to-do type program on my iPhone but it’s not exactly what I want so the other thing I’m looking at is Things. Which will sync with my iPhone and my iCal and hopefully allow me to dump stuff out of my head and remember where I dumped it more easily. I’m going to download the trial version of Things tomorrow and buy the iPhone app and see what happens from there (you know, some of the more expensive iPhone apps should have trial versions too!).

So that’s my plan. I guess in twelve months we’ll see how I’ve done. The big dream remains, as always, to sell a book but that I can’t control other than by doing the best I can with my writing. Still, I hope the publishing stars align this year!

How about you, oh great interwebs, who’s got plans and dreams for the tenth year of the century?

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