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So the last book is starting it’s journey out into the world today and we’ve had a few weeks of light writing and brainstorming and kicking around of ideas but I have enough now to get stuck in and ideally, I’d like to have a draft of this by the end of March, so time to get back to the routine. I’m at 5k now and the draft should be around 80ish if things run true to form, so need to crank out 310 or so pages in two and a half months. Which is perfectly do-able (knock wood, throw salt etc). For one thing head down and write is a distraction from what’s going on over there with the other book (fingers crossed!) : )

Therefore, herewith, metrics are recommencing.

Progress – Holly

New pages Seven
Intriguing things – Mean Fae
Annoyances – Minimal
Linear/non-linear – Non
Music – Shakira and Scissor Sisters
Location – Write or Die and Think.
Taking care of Mel – Physio. Elliptical (week 2 of couch to 5k commences). Chicken enchiladas.
Muse food – A smattering of Grey’s. Soon off to bed with good book.

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