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>Yes, I am indeed alive. Bad blogger. But I have been suffering from a horrible cold which decided it should bring its friend razorblade throat and consequently have done little worthy of blogging for a week. Catalogues of pills and potions and tissue count are not very exciting. I haven’t even read a lot due to foggy brain. I have watched a fair amount of DVD (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and most of Glee if you care) and slept a lot. Perhaps I’m turning into a TV watching cat.

But today I am starting to feel human again and have managed ten pages. Yay. The muse is throwing up disconnected random snippets but at least they’re snippets that are flowing easily. So given book has decided to talk again, I’m figuring Murphy’s Law will dictate that my revisions will hit any second now and I’ll have to switch tracks. But oh well, nice problem to have : )

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