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>Sorry for blog silence, between busy day job days and revisions, I am Mel of boringness right now.

Currently working my way through the part of revisions which is the most amount of changing order of scenes and what happens so the going has been a little slow while I think it through. But so far it seems to be working. After this bit, the next few chapters are more tweaking so hopefully they’ll go faster. Then there’s a whole new bit to write. Which means I can boot up Write or Die and get my speed on. Yay! Drafting for the win. All this should result in a better book at the end (crosses fingers!) Trying to do a structural pass at the moment then I’ll go back and do a (hopefully) much faster polishing/language pass.

Finding it hard to actually work out how much progress I’m making right now as I’m cutting things and moving things and writing new things and the chapters are a bit messed up. Usually I track my page count and word count for the day but page count isn’t necessarily a good indicator when you’re chopping and replacing chunks and word count isn’t either. Which makes my Virgo side a bit edgy as that side of me likes to see progress meters etc zooming along. Sadly, that side of me just needs to chill out during this part!

Shall have to apply knitting and exercise to achieve said calming down. See if I can distract Virgo brain with watching socks grow or something ; ) Any other good tips for chill out diversions?

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