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Okay, so I’m a day late with this…I shall blame end of financial year and revision craziness and we’ll just let it go.

This month, we’re taking a swerve into Sci Fi. I read less sci fi now than I used to and not a lot of hard sci fi at all. I’m more a space opera kind of gal. Adventures and derring do in space. Aliens, space ships and giant turtles! If it comes with a hint of Jane Austen and a large dollop of true love, then all the better (sadly, this doesn’t happen often in sci fi at all! Boo!).

However, this month’s book has all of the above (well, you’ll have to wait until later in the series for giant turtles from memory). This month, I’m giving away The Dragon Variation by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.

Lee and Miller write one of my two favourite space opera series, the Liaden series (the other being something that readers of the blog can probably guess and that will possibly feature another month). The books are witty, fun, adventurous and romantic. And the world building is fabulous, the Liadens definitely have a touch of the Regency about them but in an even better way! I’ve read them many, many times and their heroes are some of my favourite fictional men ever.

Sadly this series had been out of print for a while (though there have been both a further prequel and two sequels out recently) but Baen have seen the light and are re-issuing them. Even better they’re doing omnibus editions, so The Dragon Variation is actually the first three books of the series (bonus!). Or rather the first two prequels and then the first book of the series. (I’m not sure which order they were written in but I came to the series a bit late so read them in chronological for the characters order which is what this will be and it all works). So for one tiny comment you could get three books of Lee and Miller goodness – Local Custom, Scout’s Progress and Conflict of Honors).

As usual, explanation of why the contest is here.

Rules are simple, comment on any blog post this month to score an entry. Winner has one week after being announced here and on Twitter and Facebook to get back to me to claim the prize, after which I will re-draw.

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