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Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, yes, we have reached that time again, the time when Mel needs to pull out the progress stats to keep her inner taskmaster happy and get the darn draft finished. Today I decided to write twenty pages. No idea why. It was a little bit nutty. But I did it. So that seems like as good a time as any to start this again. Technically, I’m in the last quarter of this book. Maybe I’ll figure out what it’s about soon. Though possibly not. That’s why the powers that be invented second drafts, after all! Weirdly, usually I know the last scene of my books. This time, I think the scene I have in mind is more like third or fourth last…the muse, she is secretive at times!

Progress – Holly

New pages – Twenty
Intriguing things – Sneakiness. Things I thought would happen earlier, happening later.
Annoyances – Not many. More arms would sometimes be nice.
Linear/non-linear – Non
Music – Various from the soundtrack.
Location – Desk. Write or Die and Think.
Taking care of Mel – Chiro. Exercises. Tulsi Tea.
Muse food – Notting Hill about to be watched!

In other news, I am going to see Joss Whedon next Friday (woot and squee) and also going along to AussieCon 4 for a day the week after! Having never been to a SF con before, it should be fun!

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