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One piece of advice writers often get is to understand their process. Good plan. Trouble is, processes shift and change with each book. I’ve had books that have roared onto the page like a freight train, books that have come at a steady slog, books that have fought me, books that have come in bits and pieces like a mixed up jigsaw. Whenever I think I have a vague idea how my stories will work, they shift.

The current wip has mostly been coming in bits and pieces and not really showing me its hand. I knew something wasn’t quite right as I could never quite see the last scene but figured I’d get to the end and work it out from there. In the background, I’ve been turning it over in my mind, trying to see a different angle. Seems that worked, because last night, the story woke me up at 1.30am, telling me the last four scenes and a whole lot about what I needed to tweak. So I wrote for a while in the middle of the night then got back to sleep. And now the muse seems to be saying that the discovery draft is done, we have enough of an idea and onwards to the next. Never done that before…I mean my first drafts are horribly talking head-ish and there are often some unfinished scenes and chunks but this is more like that than ever before. Plus I haven’t actually written a few of the last scenes. But what the muse wants, the muse gets so onwards to the next draft we go. She’s even kindly provided a rough synopsis.

Stories. They’re slippery little suckers. So are writer’s brains. You’ve just gotta hang on for the ride!

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