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A random Sunday post about things running through my brain.

Five things I’m lusting after right now:

1. An e-reader
2. A spinning wheel
3. Some sort of sneaker/trail shoe as comfy as my hiking boots (yeah, my feet are sore from yesterday) for the warmer weather
4. New carpet
5. A new iPhone

Five things I’m over:

1. The election
2. Football
3. My current klutzy phase
4. Weird tasting mouthwash
5. Things that are weird on my Windows netbook

Five things I am thinking about:

1. How to do six different first person POVs in three books and get them right
2. Drop spindling (including wondering if the girl I saw spindling at AussieCon was American because I’ve never seen anyone spindling in public in Australia before outside a fibrey type event)
3. Various AussieCon4 food for thought from panels
4. Music I like (thanks to a Facebook meme)
5. The next chapter in my book

If I had five wishes right now I’d:

1. Have a finished draft of book 2
2. Have a free two months in my schedule & the money to spend it traveling and relaxing doing various crafty and writing buddy things
3. Have a personal chef/maid/butler/trainer
4. Have a mac that is not sick
5. Live on a planet that wasn’t going crazy with the weather and causing many people lots of grief
6. Solve the e-reader format wars & geographic restrictions/pricing weirdness overnight (okay, that’s six but hey it’s my blog)

Five things I need right now:

1. More caffeine
2. To find some bridesmaid shoes in the next few weeks
3. To write
4. To wrap my Dad’s Father’s Day present
5. September to magically expand to be about sixty days long so I can fit everything in!

Five things I’m happy about:

1. Lunch with the folks coming up
2. My spindling is improving
3. Having a backup computer
4. My book going pretty well
5. Spring!

What’s on your mind this Sunday?

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