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Once again, sorry for this being late. Sometimes life happens and in the last week there have been dinners with friends, a hens night with the obligatory male revue, a wedding, day job, family members breaking bits of themselves and various other diversions.

But we shall ignore all that and turn our attention to October’s contest. After a very hectic September (last week was possibly the busiest month of that month but only just), I’m in the mood to relax with a bit of wit and sparkle, so I thought we’d return to regency historicals. Back in June, we did Loretta Chase (oops, that sounds a bit wrong!) and the lovely Rupert Carsington. This month, another brilliant regency writer.

Julie Anne Long writes gorgeous witty, sexy regencies but most of them have somewhat unusual settings and or heroes/heroines. Not necessarily the normal balls and Great Houses which is part of their charm. One of my favourites, is Ways to Be Wicked which features a ballet dancer and the owner of a somewhat risque London theatre. With mermaids and little people and French plots! What’s not to like? But my all time favourite is the book I’m giving away this month.

The Perils Of Pleasure is a brilliant romance with an awesome heroine who has the very good fortune to be paired with another of my all time favourite romance heroes, Colin Eversea. Who well deserves his ballad! So if you want to discover Colin and find out just why he deserves his very own song (though sadly he doesn’t get a hat like Jayne from Firefly, the other worthy fictional recipient of a ballad), comment on this or any of my other blog entries this month!

As usual, I will draw the winner early in November and announce here and on Twitter and Facebook, so follow me somewhere to keep up with the news. The winner will have one week from the time I announce them to get in touch to claim their prize, otherwise Colin will be redrawn and the mystery of the ballad will go unsolved.

And if anyone is a late joiner and wants the history of why I’m giving away one of my favourite books each month, then the history of the contest is here.

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