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I watched The Young Victoria last night, which is something I’ve wanted to see for ages and really, I have no idea why I didn’t get to it when it was in cinemas. I really enjoyed it even though it’s bittersweet to think Prince Albert died fairly young and Victoria went on for 40 odd years without him.

I’m always intrigued by royalty. Being a princess ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sure you get gorgeous frocks and some spanking great jewels but there’s a lot of politics and control and duty and what has to be a strange private life to go with it. Power and obligation vs the personal turns up in my writing a bit. In one of Barbara O’Neal’s writing courses, we had to figure out our favourite fairy tale and mine was Cinderella (much as I fought that discovery for a while). Now, I think the appeal of Cinderella for me is the “finding the place where you belong and are appreciated” theme rather than the “be rescued by a prince” theme but it’s undeniably a royalty/princess story, if somewhat from the other side and stopping before she has to deal with being a princess.

I’ve never actually written a princess (not many princesses in urban fantasy) but I have some ideas that might be close to princesses. We shall see. At the moment I have to focus back on my messed up assassin girl. She’s definitely not a princess and would stab you if you tried to make her one!

So who likes royalty? Or who has a favourite fairy tale?

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