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And here we are at the new blog.  This one is sticking around until the new site is launched but that won’t be for a while.

I’ll be leaving the old blogger blog up for awhile to point people here but if you were lovely enough to link to my blog, or subscribe, or otherwise follow me, please update to the new version.

The feed may still be a bit weird for a bit as I’m still cleaning up imported posts a few at a time, so apologies if old stuff gets coughed up in the feed.  If you come across any broken links etc, please let me know! I’m cleaning up the titles and the odd weird > which seems to have been inserted as the first character of every post in the import process and re-aligning photos.  Obviously links within posts to other posts will go back to the blogger blog, I’m cleaning up recent ones I can remember like my contest posts but am in no way guaranteeing any others! Other than that the new blogger export to WP import seems to work pretty well. For some reason, when I exported from and imported to I lost my comment counts on some posts (though the comments themselves are there), so I’d recommend maybe skipping that middle step if you can avoid it. The comment counts imported to okay. So if anyone’s thinking of moving to Blogger to WP, my experience has been pretty good so far!

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