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See now, this is what happens when Mel gets tired and her brain goes a bit strange….

The Urban Fantasy Alphabet

A is for Alpha (or Angel or Awesome)
B is for Blood, Banshees and things that go Bump in the night
C is for Coyote, Crosses and Curses
D is for Demon and Death and Deadly
E is for Evil and Elemental
F is for Fog and Fae and Fear
G is for Grave (or Ghost or Gargoyles)
H is for Heroine (kickass)
I is for Intrepid, Intimate and the occasional piece of Idiocy
J is for Justice and Just in time
K is for Killing bad things
L is for Love (or Lucifer or Lust or Leather)
M is for Magic and Mayhem
N is for Night and Need
O is for Oh no, not again (or Ouija Boards and Ogres)
P is for Pirate (well not really but that would be cool!…um, Psychic and Pixies and Packs)
Q is for Quiet (be very, very, we’re hunting bad guys)
R is for Revenge (or Reapers or Runes)
S is for  Shadows, Sleuths and Slayers
T is for Terror, Toughness and Totally Hot Heroes
U is for Undead, Urban and Unstoppable
V is for Vampire
W is for Werewolf (or Were anything) and Weapons (the more, the merrier)
X is for Xylophone (made of ribs!!)
Y is for You know you want to read it!
Z is for  Zombies

And now back to writing something hopefully slightly more sensible!

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